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Softseek / Nonags / Xoom / SlaughterHouse / WinSite / BHS (в основном для NT)

32-bit Shareware / 32bit.com / A1 Soft / Alas Toolbar Pages / Aly Jo Software

AM-WolJo Shareware/ AMF Shareware Productions:Windows and Word for Windows Programs

Ataman Software, Inc. / August Systems Software / Aunt Annie's Crafts / Avery Wizard

Bardon Data Systems / Barry's Free Game Offer / Basta.com / Briggs Softworks

Quarta (Win NT и немного 95) / Brody, Sagi / Browsers for Windows 95 / ByeLines

Coast to Coast Software Repository Windows NT Primary Mirror CrystalTech

CSUSM Windows World / Cypress Technologies / CZAR Software

Dave Central Software Archives / DoublePage / Easy Icons / El Grande Mac Hacks

ErrorScan for Windows Software / Freeware for Windows 3.1 / Freeware32.com

Great Windows Software / Hookomo Enterprises / Hero Software / Hirtle Software

ID Logic / Igloo Software / Internet Search and Replace / Jon's Devotion to Win95

Kagi Shareware / Kent Briggs / Lawrence Goetz's Shareware for Windows

LDL Data Localnet Software / Logical Software / Malloc Software / MamSofCo / MCR Software

Michael Jablecki's CICA, Linux Mirror at UCSD / Microsoft / Mini Calendar for Windows

Non-Kamikaze Shareware for Windows / Norwegian Translator for Windows / NSD Inc.

NTFSDOS / OneStopWindows.com / Oops! Software / Reusable Objects, Inc. / RKS Software

Robins Company, The / SFiles - File search utility / Soft Concepts / SoftByteLabs

Shareware and Freeware Programs by Timothy C. Barmann / Shareware Zone, The

Shetef Solutions Ltd. / Smartass for PCs / SoftSEA Programs Center / Top of Windows95

Software Bar Software in Italiano / Spanish-English Dictionary for Windows

Steve Gallafent's Clarion for Windows Tip of the Month / Много полезных программ

YOGI'S Software Despository / Tom's Windows Bargain Bin / Wrenware

UK 32-Bit Windows Software Archive / Window Boss / VisualZIP Pro32 for Win95/NT4.0

Williams Students Online's / Pseudo-FTP Happy Server / Wilson WindowWare

Win NT, '95 ShareWare Reviews / WinTECH Software


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